amsterdam-coffee-connectionDave Gelici is the owner of this place. He has no website but prepares excellent Coffee together with a good chat. You’ll find Dave at the Nieuwezijds Kolk number 33 in Amsterdam.
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MicaffemiCaffè Tafelbergweg is where I drink my Coffee when I’m at work. Freeze dried coffee from the coffee-machine is disgusting so the miCaffè bar in the pantry is a good alternative!
logoAt Levelt’s I often get my Coffeebeans. I really like the Corleone; a dark roasted bean for a perfect espresso. Once a year I get myself 100 grams of Kopi Luwak. I will pay special attention to this on an other section of this site.

NZ2At the Koffie Cultuur Centrum I bought my espressomachine. Piet, the owner, says he sells the best Coffeebeans in Europe. In my opinion; it’s an excellent Espresso from this beans. My number one beans!