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Mr. Porters World of Coffee

Mr. Porter, a lifestyle retail company for men, tells us something about Coffee. I’m not impressed by their stories but was delighted to see the map on which they report about the Coffee they drink around the world. It would surely be in place here on, so I could tell my stories about Coffee in relation to the countries that produce that Coffee!

The world of coffee | The Knowledge | The Journal | MR PORTER.

Kopi Luwak not durable!

The civetcat is held in prison to produce the beans from which Kopi Luwak is made. The conditions in this prison are bad and the cats are forced to eat the beans. Therefore Simon Levelt does not longer sell this Coffee in their shops. Good initiative!

Read more about it (Dutch):

Simon Levelt – Meer weten over – Meer weten over koffie? – Landen – Indonesië – Kopi Luwak.

Pictures page added

Howdy all!

I added a pictures page. For my blog posts I search my images everywhere; in my own library or on the internet. But the pictures page will contain only images that I personally made or from which I know the source.

Today I added some Latte Art creations that I personally made. And a picture of my Second Love



Why tamp your grinded Coffee before inserting your piston into your Espressomachine? The art of tamping is not rocketscience. For a double shot of Espresso you grind 14 grams of beans into the piston. In fact that is just a small amount of Coffee. Continue reading