Coffee and more

Temper? Nooo… Tamper!


Last week I had an operation to my right hand, to cure from a Carpal Tunnel Syndrom. I wanted to tell you about this in relation to not being able to make myself a good Coffee. Tamping is one of the issues when your right hand is injured and I wanted to accompany this with a picture. Dutch as I am, I started the search for a good picture with the word ‘Temper’. Google brought me the next picture: Continue reading

Site progress

Progress on my site is excellent! I’m very happy with what I have so far. Social Media Buttons are all over the place so Like me as much as you can on as much places you can find!

I also made it easy for you all to make an account and login. You’re able to use your facebook or LinkedIn account.

So I really like it when you respond. It gives me the feeling that I don’t just do this for myself…

Talk to you soon…

‘More’ button

I’m very busy at the moment trying to understand how the ‘read more’ link or button works. It should be arranged by installing a plugin and just add this html code !<–more–> to the section where you want to split the text. It just don’t want to work at my template. What could be wrong?

I added the code. Lets see what happens…

Continue reading


Welcome to my blog where I will post all kinds of knowabouts about Coffee. I do this because Coffee is my passion and I live for it! (Amongst some other things as well offcourse… ;))

Please check this site regularly. I try to keep it as updated as possible. I will also post other information, about other things than Coffee so it might get interesting here…

Feel free to register an account and help me to publish usefull information.

Talk to you later!